getting oily


I’ve been dabbling in the use of essential oils since last summer, though timidly. I diffuse almost constantly, enjoying the aromatherapy benefits and the way it changes my mood and balance, but I hadn’t gone much past that. I was nervous. These things are potent, and I didn’t feel that I had the time to devote to intense research on how to safely use them in other ways. And then two things changed.

My oily mentor sent me an amazing packet of information on the oils I already have. I’ve read it through several times – everything I needed was in one place. It was like a primer for my starter kit, and I really wish I’d had it from the beginning.

And then I attended an incredible class at the Silo. Several of the wonderful people I’ve met here are really well versed in the world of oils already. They held a make and take class last weekend: discussion and an intro to oils, wine and cheese, and the chance to make two products with essential oils to take home for personal use. We learned to make a room and body spray with Lavender and Geranium, and a sugar scrub, for which I chose Rosemary and Peppermint.

Self-guided instruction is wonderful in many ways, but I still prefer, and learn best in-person. I like to hear the questions and comments from others, particularly when their perspective is different from my own. And I find the nuance of facial expressions and intonation of the instructor to be amazingly helpful to my own learning process. I came away feeling relaxed, and also confident that I can experiment and learn how to make these oils into tools for myself and my family! I guess I just needed some in-person encouragement.

My girls are loving the spray as perfume, and ask to use it in the mornings. The scrub is invigorating, and was so, so simple to put together. Best of all, I’m excited to learn more, and maybe help others cross that hurdle as well.

Do you already use oils in your home? Why or why not? Would you like to learn along with me? I’d love your comments and input!

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