a little weekend reading


The weather is going to be beautiful this weekend, and into next week. I did our meal planning and grocery shopping early this morning, and filled our menu and our cart with produce and dinners on the grill. In fact, I think fully a third of our grocery budget is spent in the produce section anymore. I’m going to be running the numbers on a new CSA option in our area to see where I can make cuts and squeeze it in because 1. I’d love to support the local economy even more, and 2. I can’t grow/produce everything we eat.

I’ve been thinking a lot about FOOD: what we eat, how and when we eat, where I source our meals, and even our neighbors who don’t have enough to eat. My selections for you this week seem to reflect that line of thinking…

So much interesting stuff out there, my friends. Enjoy, but don’t forget to go out and play in the dirt too!

A food forest, feeding the community for FREE! Amazing.

Edible teepee playhouse: so simple to DIY!

Dinner in a box: the NYT looks at cooking with meal kits

Check your food privilege: let’s all be a little kinder to each other.

How millennials faked the food movement

2 thoughts on “a little weekend reading

  1. We did a CSA in California and loved it! You are always eating the food at its prime and often got to try new things. I’m also trying to keep my grocery trips to there perimeter these days: produce, meat, dairy with only the occasional pop down the aisles to get cereal, baking needs and beer.


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