sunday snippets

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– J’s coworker sent him home with a dozen eggs from her chickens. Such a treat! They were enormous, and the yolks were big and vibrant. We finished all twelve this weekend, and can’t wait til we have our own flock.

– We spent most of the weekend exploring our new yard. The homeowner we’re renting from seems to have been an avid gardener, and there are mature plants tucked into every corner of the yard. I’ve spotted hydrangea and poppies, and there’s an iris that’s about to bloom. Wild violets carpet one section of the front yard. I’m not familiar with these white flowers however – they line the neighbor’s driveway on our side. Does anyone know what they are?

– J dragged this beautiful glider out of the brambles. It needs some attention, but we might be able to have it working again. Wouldn’t it be a nice place to sit and watch the lake?

– Several loads of laundry dried on the line. We have such a wonderful breeze off the water. It’s only long enough for one load at a time, and the pulley system is taking some getting used to, but it’s so nice to sleep in sun-dried sheets! I’ve already noticed many houses with clotheslines in use, which I never saw in our old neighborhood.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend as well!

One thought on “sunday snippets

  1. Grandma Holec had a glider just like that. Many summers were spent on her porch in that glider! I have always wanted one of my own.


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