a little bit of sunshine

IMG_3952 IMG_3954The sun is out today, and we’re all feeling a little more positive. It is still far quieter in this little village than I thought possible, but I think that means I need to learn to quiet myself and my thoughts, and just focus on shaping our life into the one we’ve imagined.


Mother Nature in Maine is about a month behind where she was in Maryland. The lilacs here are just blooming, and there are still some daffodils left. There’s something sweet about experiencing spring twice in one year. We brought some inside to enjoy. The green glass vase is a gift from my Pup, and the salt and pepper shakers belonged to J’s gram. The homeowner left oodles of books here, and I’ve decided to page through them one at a time. Last night was Salads (The Good Cook) in preparation for the fresh greens we will soon have. J’s coworkers brought seeds in to share, and he brought some home for me to plant.


My kitchen is slowly coming together. I’ve packed away my Blue Danube and basic white Crate and Barrel dishes in favor of the Corelle my family used growing up. I felt that they would be easier for Swee and her almost-three-year-old hands to manage, and they are less likely to shatter when dropped.

IMG_3958 IMG_3960

The front room in this house has amazing light, and I’ve been able to create a space of my own there. I had some company this morning, and think it will be one of our favorite places to spend time. Tomorrow, we are going to venture into Farmington for preschool Story Hour. The map looks like it’s more of a town than Mount Vernon, so I’m interested to see what is there.


2 thoughts on “a little bit of sunshine

  1. Oh, how funny. I clicked over here from a comment you left on Beauty That Moves, and I grew up in Mt Vernon in the 70s and 80s, my parents were back to the landers and what was our farm is now Woods End Lab. Welcome to Maine! I’m sure I played in your house at some point. You landed in a good place.


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