some gave all

IMG_3989 IMG_3995 IMG_3985J is a veteran, and the week leading up to Memorial Day always weighs a little more in our house. Ike and Kenny gave their lives during J’s second deployment, just three days apart, and while the mood is a little more somber, we try to fully live this weekend of remembrance in their honor.

We spent time as a family – grocery shopping together, mowing the lawn, building a raised garden bed, cooking and enjoying meals together.

We also spent time in our new community. It was a fun little parade, though a bit different than some. The announcement in the paper said that anyone who wanted to participate could just show up at the starting point. There were decorated four-wheelers and huge farm tractors along with your typical Boy and Girl Scout troops. No marching bands, but plenty of candy tossed to the kids.


Everyone congregated at the town beach following the parade for food, music, and swimming. I had a lovely slice of strawberry rhubarb pie from Hello, Good Pie, and Beans helped me enjoy it.


This duo set up near the picnic table and burst into bluegrass, which Beansie just loved!

We didn’t stay too long since little moods began to deteriorate, but it was so nice to be out among friendly faces!

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