We were doing our final walk-through before closing when I opened a cabinet door in the first floor bathroom and realized our new home has a laundry chute – from the second floor bathroom, through the first floor where I was standing, and on down to the basement washer/dryer hookup. I have happy memories of playing with the laundry chute at my Nana’s when I was little, racing up and down with my cousins and brothers, tossing something or other down to the waiting party and then switching places. I think it’s these amenities, the little details that help make a place feel more like a home, and this new house certainly is welcoming us in.

Moving has been a slower process than I’d maybe hoped, but it’s pretty much done though a lot of unpacking still remains. We won’t have internet until this coming Friday, and the cell service is such that I can call and text but that’s it (remember when that’s all cell phones could do?). J didn’t take any extra time off so all of the big moving has been done in short windows, and I’ve been coming back to the rental to work my real job. Our chickens are still here, and are hopefully moving today. They’ll have lots of space to roam.


We lit our first fire in the woodstove this morning, and I’m looking forward to getting home to sit by it and thaw out from working in this unheated office; it’s chilly in here. Getting home. Doesn’t that sound nice?


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