the returning of the light

img_7917Sunset on the shortest day of the year

A Happy Solstice to you all! What a beautiful feeling it is, to know that the light is returning, beginning the slow creep toward Spring. New life and renewal in the new year.

Last evening, I joined fifteen other yogis in solstice celebration, moving through 108 sun salutations and welcoming the light – in the world and in each of us. The goal was not to complete each set, though I certainly did my best, but to focus on the breath and lose yourself in the flow. It was an all-around challenge, and I’m a wee bit sore today as my muscles protest being flung back into activity after a semester of neglect. But I feel good. It was an affirming experience: I am stronger than I think. It was a risk that paid off: I was hesitant to sign up, and then did so in a rush, before I changed my mind (what was that intention? Oh yes. Commit). It was a not-so-gentle reminder: I must make the effort to fill my own cup, for how can I pour into others when I myself am empty? So simple, and yet so very hard to recall when down in the trenches of the everyday.

I returned home to a quiet house, both babies bathed and in bed. I made apologies to my love for being such a cranky pants. And then we sat on the couch in the candlelight with popcorn and beer, and just talked about the coming year. A peaceful embrace of the darkness before stepping back into the light.


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