the one with no title


Sometimes I sit down to write with distinct ideas to work out, sometimes even with complete phrases whirling in my head. And sometimes I’ve got nothing but a couple of photos on my camera card and a hope that the images will bring the words.

The month is almost gone. I feel as though I should have a record of where it went, but instead I have notes scratched on random bits of paper, strewn around an overflowing office. There’s barely a path from the door to my desk, and sadly that’s not hyperbole. I have two presents to finish. They will be late and shipped directly, but it can’t be helped at this point. Swee’s teacher gifts aren’t as personal as I planned for them to be, but they’re ready to go to school in the morning. We have no cookies left for Santa, so more baking is on the agenda for tomorrow afternoon – after I tackle the list of things I’d like to wrap up at my paid job before having a week off. It may be the end of the semester, but instead of winding down, I feel like we are still going at top speed and bracing for a very sudden forced stop at the end of the week.

J finished his classes last Friday, and has been stalking the school’s website for his grades. There is still one score to be posted, but it looks like he will come out with high marks. I often moan and groan about how much I’m shouldering at home so that he can go to school, but in reality, I think I have the easier half of the arrangement right now. I’m not sure how he’s pulling all A’s and B’s while working full time. College was simpler for me than high school was, but I know it would have been very difficult to navigate while working a real job and caring for two little pee-wees. I’m proud of him. The last fifteen years have put some serious obstacles between him and higher education; for a while, we weren’t sure he’d ever finish college. Today my husband donned his suit and tie, and met with the Director of Nursing in preparation for transferring schools. He will very shortly be a true nursing student, joining an accelerated program to complete his BSN and giving us both a light at the end of the tunnel we’re currently traversing. Proud, and grateful.


So. There are a few more words than I thought I had in me tonight.




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