sunday snippets


Baking sugar cookies. Attending an earmuff parade. Cutting a Christmas tree. Seeing Santa at our town tree lighting. Writing cards and sampling treats. Decorating.

We are getting into the spirit around here, and my four-year-old made her first ever request for a gift. I’m a tiny bit sad that she’s begun anticipating the getting (though she adores the giving), but it’s such a sweet, old-fashioned wish that I can’t help but want to fulfill it and perpetuate the magic for her. Despite feeling rather behind on preparations last week, it appears upon completing my yearly spreadsheet that I’m actually in good shape with our gift planning. Yes, it seems a bit Type A to maintain an Excel document for the holiday, but with a tab for each year, I can compare exactly what was gifted to whom, and how much we spent on each item. It’s even color-coded based on what’s been secured and what I still need to accomplish. Enormously helpful. I have a handful of goodies yet to make or procure, and one more box to ship out of state, and then we will be finished and ready to relax!


And if you are on the lookout for something small and handmade… I’ve decided to reopen my shop and list some of the items I’m making for my own gifting. Take a peek, if you’re so inclined – I’ll be updating things as they’re finished.

How are you getting into the spirit of the season this week?


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