freebie: chicken treats


I’m headed out of town this morning for a couple of days of team building and professional development (in Boston!) with my colleagues but wanted to share this freebie with you before I left.

Grubbly Farms was a new-to-me company, shared in a Facebook group for Maine chicken keepers. They’re offering 1oz of 100% USA grown black soldier fly larvae, dehydrated into a protein-rich treat for your backyard flock. No strings attached.

I’m always a little skeptical of free offers, and so didn’t want to share this one with you until proven legitimate, but lo and behold, these chicken treats actually did arrive in my mailbox! The label on the package says that the larvae are fed a diet of pre-consumer food waste, diverting those items from the landfill – a practice I can support wholeheartedly.

To get your free Grubblies, complete this form. The shipping takes a while, but if you do it today, they should arrive in time to use as a stocking stuffer, if you so choose!

Have a great week!


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