open farm day


When we first began sharing the idea of moving to Maine, and specifically to this little town, my parents discovered that they already had connections here as well. The best man in their wedding had moved up here with his entire extended family and made a life in little Mount Vernon twenty-some years ago, maybe more. He has since passed, but the family is still here, including his sister and brother-in-law that my dad also knew in high school (insert comment here about it being a small, small world…).

Those hometown friends run a sheep farm, and this weekend, they held their very first Open Farm Day. We had such a good time meeting the mamas and babies, petting and snuggling them. They were so gentle and personable, leaning in to sniff the kids and nibbling on anything and everything including J’s boots. Our girls giggled and laughed, and we all enjoyed the chance to be outside in the fresh air, connecting with friends – new friends in our case, and old friends for my parents.

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