sunday snippets


I am cautiously optimistic. The pediatrician found no sign of a secondary infection and declared that poor Beanie just has a wicked cold. And as these things go, the day after the doctor visit, we saw marked improvement. Swee unfortunately wound up with a fever yesterday, forcing us to skip a birthday party we were all looking forward to. She seems right as rain today, naturally, and everyone’s appetites are beginning to return!

Some signs of spring this weekend, and though it was still chilly, we didn’t see any of the snow our family and friends experienced in Pennsylvania. I got some seeds in the ground, even: peas, spinach, swiss chard. Handsome Fixer Man installed a clothesline and tonight we will sleep in fresh, line-dried sheets. The forecast finally predicts several days in the 60s! Cautiously optimistic.

Wishing you all an easy start to your week.

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