weekend reading


The sky today is a rich French blue. Not a single cloud interrupts the expanse, and out here where there are no tall buildings, the openness makes you feel completely surrounded. Living with houses all around us, I had forgotten how big the sky is. There is no forgetting out here. “It’s opener there, in the wide open air,” (because I speak in quotes from children’s books).


We kept to our regular Saturday routine this morning: dump run, community breakfast, library visit, and then home for lunch. The girls are down for a nap, and J and I are puzzling over household finances. Wish us luck.

Some interesting tidbits from the past week:

I don’t give things up for Lent, but this idea isn’t half bad. Timely too, as I audit our own usage.

Zero food waste. Could you do it? 

Such a fun video about living on the road!

One thought on “weekend reading

  1. I looked at the Road Scholar offerings the other day. How I’d love to go to Iceland again. Unfortunately the amount of walking is now beyond me. Did you know that Road Scholar is the renamed Elder Hostel that we have gone to a number of times (France, Hawaii, Birding by Habitat in Florida, etc.etc)?


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