still here


I’m still here. Itching for spring. Not so much for the warmth, but for the greenery and the color. Even the dog is ready. He sleeps on Swee’s bed, dozes in the sunshine, and won’t take his sweater off.

I’m working on our garbage audit. Nothing like laying your trash out for the world to see to make you feel vulnerable and open to criticism. It’s turning into an interesting exercise, bringing other issues to the surface than merely what we put in the trash can. Vulnerability, yes, and also accountability, and judgement of others.

I’m adding some color where I can. Forcing bulbs in my office, and tending to my houseplants. I saw this adorable beaded spiral on Pinterest and dug through my craft boxes for the bin of glass beads I’ve hauled with me on four moves. My bracelet wire was too pliable to use as suggested, but the wire in my picture hanging kit was perfect.

I’m remembering that March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. The new layer of ice on the walk won’t last forever.

I’m reading The Fringe Hours, and realizing how much time I waste on things that don’t bring me joy. I’ve removed the Facebook app from my phone. When I finish, I might share some other ideas here.

I’m practicing my self-care. You know those memes you see about “leg day?” Well, Tuesday was leg day and I’m still hobbling around. I’m working on being a healthier version of myself, both mind and body. The mind part includes indulgence in a good beer.

Welcome, March. I promise to try and find the beauty in your days and not see you simply as something to survive, a pass-through to spring.

What are you doing these days?

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