time to regroup


I actually finished a project this week.

I know that most people with any sort of drive to make typically have multiple projects in varying stages of completion. I am no different. Sometimes, I have a spurt of creative energy and complete things in rapid succession. Other times, I make grand plans, even going so far as to assemble supplies, and then lose motivation or perhaps fail to begin altogether.

Lately, I haven’t had the wherewithal to even think about making of any kind. Making crafts, or food, or even clean laundry. I suppose I needed to recharge, and that’s what I’ve done. Lunch break naps, hot showers and tea, early bedtimes, and books. Multiple books, devoured in whatever moments I could steal for myself. My poor patient husband.

Yesterday, I woke up ready to do, for the first time in…I don’t know. And so I did.

My little ladies love their hair bows, and they love to pull them out of their hair midday and leave them hither and yon. I have tested more than one storage solution over the past couple of years and they have all been lacking in one way or another. I’ve finally landed on a display of sorts – a central location where they can be both corralled and seen. I think it was a hit. There was much squealing and then Sweebee dragged Beanie off to find all of the lost hair bows before “helping” me hang it on their wall.

This is my favorite kind of project because it didn’t cost me a dime, and it re-purposed old materials. I found the old picture frame at our transfer station (read: dump). There’s a little building there called the Swap Shed where you can leave items that are still useful for your neighbors to find and claim as their own. It’s remarkably organized and tidy, and just filled with good junk. We already had the spray paint and the chicken wire, so it was just a matter of putting it all together. I’m reveling in this feeling of accomplishment, and should probably make a list of my other projects that have been pushed off for far too long. Or maybe I’ll just pour another cup of tea. Wouldn’t want to dive back in too quickly.

What are you making?

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