that groundhog


You know, I almost believed him.

It was 50* here yesterday. Maine in February isn’t as bad as they said, I thought to myself. We had a light dusting last weekend, but by bedtime last night, everything was thick, gooey mud, including my living room floor.


The snowflakes began just after breakfast this morning, coming slowly at first, and then with a fury. Ten hours later, it’s still snowing and I’m planning breakfast for dinner because we’re at the end of our groceries. I guess it’s not spring yet.


My thirty-fourth birthday was last week. Two very excited little girls presented me with cupcakes, a new yoga mat, and beautifully gaudy “rainbow” flowers. J took me to a restaurant with white tablecloths and a wine list, and I wore high heels (boots, to be fair). I was able to take the time to acknowledge and make note of each Facebook wish received, and I have more than one sweet card taped to the wall above my desk. It was a calm, lovely day.


I’ve tried to hold onto that easy pace in the days since, an effort that became a real exercise in conscious living. In the quiet moments, I caught up on thank you notes, and the teapot has been whistling almost non-stop. The light has been amazing in the mornings and early afternoons, and I’ve been making an effort to take my camera with me when I’m out and about.


I stopped several times to catch the fishing shacks on the lakes around us. Yesterday morning, they almost seemed to be floating in the mist rising off of the ice. This space is my preferred place to focus on the good and the beautiful in my life, but my camera filled in over the past two weeks, and it was actually a nice little change to notice things through a different lens.


I’m holed up in my office today, watching the snow fall as I work through my inbox. I’ve tried to set the room up as a little haven, temporary though it may be. Swee gifted me a “beautiful tower” of her own construction, and arranged it in my window to keep me company as I work. Chai tea on the mug warmer and Thieves in the diffuser made for a cozy afternoon. I’ve got beans soaking for ham & bean soup this weekend, and some reading laid out on the art of stockpiling – hopefully I’ll learn some good tips to share with you!

What are you doing this weekend?

One thought on “that groundhog

  1. I got a new yoga mat for my Christmas this year … one of those things I would never buy for myself but made me extremely happy. I LOVE those pens and your bright flowers … nice to have sunshine and spring inside when it’s all iced over outside. Happy belated birthday to you.


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