leaves and squash

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Is there anything more fall than admiring the leaves and having squash for dinner? I’m not sure, but that’s exactly what we did today. We attended a Fall Fest at a neighboring community center, which unfortunately turned out to be more of a vendor show for direct sales consultants (nothing against that – I am one – I was just hoping for crafts and hot cider). Swee had fun painting a pumpkin, and then we had the chance to explore a new-to-us playground just outside. The weather quickly turned, going from brisk and breezy to quite cold in just a few minutes, and sent us scurrying for the car.

It was a quick outing after a run to the dump and picking up another load of our stuff from the other house. In another life, I’d say we took the long way home to see these leaves, but those last two photos were taken at the other end of our own road.

We came home to a backed up toilet in one bathroom and an inch of water on the floor in the other, with more coming. Our landlord came with a plunger, and instead found that our septic pipe had burst in the backyard. We watched them dig a hole with the Bobcat, and heard all of the drains in the house empty out as a huge flood sprayed out of the opening. I am thankful that he was able to patch it and be on his way.


We enjoyed grilled cheese for dinner (mine with avocado, J’s with ham) with butternut squash soup. Well, I enjoyed the soup. J at least ate it, Sweebee and Beans did not. I suppose you can’t please everyone.

We won’t be visiting the pigs, as they’re headed to market tomorrow. We heard thumping last night around bedtime, and with the list of household issues growing by the day, I sent J outside to see what on earth was going on. He came in and said, “I think it’s the pigs!” Not five minutes later, there was a knock on our door. Our new neighbor explained that the pigs were stomping in their travel crates, and apologized for the noise. He and his whole family stopped by this evening to say hello and welcome, which was so nice. They have two little ones, and our girls were thrilled to meet them – and so was I!

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