well then

IMG_5093 IMG_5090 IMG_5085

That was exhausting.

Last Sunday was Moving Day. However, in this case, every day this week has been moving day. We chose not to rent a truck since we were only going three and a half miles up the road, but that meant many more trips. We borrowed a trailer and a dolly, and took some friends up on their offer to watch both of our monkeys for the better part of the day. We’re still not quite done, but what’s left will go right into storage when we finally get it here.

We’ve been here for five days now, and had our third refrigerator delivered this morning. This one works, thank goodness. Our heating oil was also delivered today, and none too soon: there is snow in the forecast on Sunday. Just a flurry, but it will be chilly.

IMG_5099 IMG_5103

I have a HUGE kitchen. Truly, I’ve never had so much space before. I’m looking forward to using it to the fullest. For tonight though, we had breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, bacon and apple cider.


This new house is out in the woods. It’s dark at night, very dark. There’s almost no noise unless someone’s diesel pickup goes barreling past. The other night, J was out with the dogs, and heard…something. The next day we realized that the neighbors have pigs in their backyard! I’m hoping we can go over and introduce ourselves this weekend so that we can peek over the fence at their critters without causing alarm.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I have some fun things to share as I get back into some semblance of a schedule.

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