weekend reading

My bees enjoying the sunshine last week

It’s been a really long time since I’ve shared some of what I’ve been reading (this was the last one, I think), but I’ve bookmarked all sorts of interesting things in the hope that I could get back to posting them here. It was Rhonda that gave me the idea to do this, initially. I’ve been reading her blog since the days I sat in my city office building, dreaming of a different way – so, ten years maybe? I love her perspective, and the way she approaches her simple life – and her weekend reading suggestions are always interesting to me.

I’m sure not all of my links will be of interest to everyone, but in the event you’re looking to discover new thoughts and ideas, these are some of the things on my mind lately.

6 Homeschooling Misconceptions Erased

I’m a Little Too Fat, a Little Too Giving. I Think I Know Why.

Who Will Take Over the Pine Tree State’s Tree Farms?

Indie booksellers create community to survive the age of Amazon

It’s a Terrible Day in the Neighborhood, and That’s O.K.

How A Cross-Canada Road Trip Brought Us Back to Reality This is a 20 minute YouTube video rather than an article, but it was so enjoyable, and brought me such a lightbulb moment when I watched it, that I thought I’d include it.

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