in the garden: 14 july 2018


Welcome to the new garden!

I realized tonight that I never got around to sharing photos of the new plot, so after the girls were asleep and everything had been watered, I took a walk around to see how things are growing. It all still looks very small to me. Except the tomatoes. I have a tomato forest – I planted them far too close together, and didn’t stake them when I put them in, so now they’re growing in a tangled mess. More of a jungle than a forest, really. A tomato jungle.

Most everything inside that lovely orange fencing was planted as a seedling. I went a little wild at the greenhouse on Mother’s Day, and had to get things in the ground before we had a plan in place to create a barrier around the space. The chickens all but decimated the brassicas, and so J rolled out the temporary plastic stuff to prevent any future destruction (they’ve all bounced back). We’ve been given cedar posts, sourced some free slabs to rip into cross beams, and did some price comparing on turkey wire – but we haven’t found the extra hours to make it all happen. So for now, we glow in the dark.


We did plant the beans from seed – Scarlet Runner, Kentucky Wonder, Rattlesnake (from my Nana). All pole beans, I’m really hoping they grow quickly enough to fill in the teepee sides and make a cool place to play. I’ve never grown beans before and feel a little out of my element with these. They’re doing well so far though, and have even begun to climb their posts, tendrils reaching and wrapping of their own accord.

I participated in a seed swap through Instagram, and the loot I received in exchange for my marigold seeds included bottle gourd seeds. Another first for me. They’re planted on the trellis, under the watchful eye of our goosey friend. I’m looking forward to harvesting these with the girls – they should be a fun project to turn into birdhouses.


Also beginning to climb are the cucumbers planted along my trash-picked crib spring trellis. I’m quite proud of this one. I’ve had the idea knocking around in my head for a couple of years, but didn’t have the materials at hand. However, on the last bulk trash day, we scored a set of spotless crib springs someone had put out for collection. J attached pickets for legs, and my trellis was born. The idea is that the vines will climb up and the cukes will hang down for easy picking. We’ll see how well it works.


The other half of the garden – the not-fenced patch of dirt – is not doing as well. I started everything on this side from seed, and quite a bit later than planting the first section. It shows, and I’m beginning to wonder if it will catch up. The kale is tiny, the calabazas are weak, the beets nonexistent. The pumpkins are doing well, however, as are the butternuts. Every seed sprouted, so hopefully we will be swimming in squash come fall.


Overall, it’s not a bad start for the first year in a new spot. The weeds are getting the best of me and I’m spending a lot of time watering (we really need the rain), but we’ve started bringing in cucumbers and Swee and I found quite a few Sun Gold tomatoes beginning to ripen. The list of changes for next year is already quite long, beginning with how we’ll prep the beds this fall, so I guess that means I’ll try again, no matter the outcome this season. After all, hope springs eternal in the garden.

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