easing into the next right thing


More than a foot of snow fell on Christmas morning, light and fluffy, coming down in an officially-declared blizzard. Our girls slept til 7am, to our amazement, and we took our time around the tree, pausing to have hashbrown casserole and fruit salad before heading back to our gifts. I didn’t even take many pictures, capturing only the joy on a big sister’s face as little sister opened her handmade bauble. The sun came out in time to welcome our family for dinner: my aunt and uncle were in from Phoenix, making the snow that much more of an experience.

And from there, our break is a bit of a blur. There was a lot of playing with new toys and games, a lot of lounging on the couch, and a lot of being close and getting cozy. I haven’t seen the thermometer make it into the double digits in…a while. Our days melted together, stocking the woodstove and refilling the chicken’s water bowl. My office was closed all week, and I didn’t check my work email, not at all. I even managed to avoid the grocery store for ten whole days. I felt a deep need to just rest, and so I did, going so far as to doze on the couch while the girls played around me. I’m not sure if I was coming down with something, or really just recovering from a very intense year. Definitely the latter; maybe both.


I feel lighter today, awake, though moving slowly. We’re easing into the freshness of a new year and a blank slate. It was still too cold to spend much time outside, though warmer than it has been at a full 9* with no wind. We bundled up, and then trudged down to the tiniest tree in our lower orchard to decorate it for the deer and other critters. I’ve been meaning to do this with the girls for weeks now, ever since reading Night TreeWe made the birdseed treats as gifts, and then my mom strung the popcorn and cranberries with them this weekend (while J and I went snowmobiling with the neighbors – my first experience!). The snow has a crust of ice about 6″ below the surface, strong enough to hold you for several steps but giving way when you least expect it. When you’re only three and your legs are still little, that means you fall down a lot. Not the most fun trip out in the snow, and we didn’t last very long in the yard. But the sun was shining on the back porch, and it was fairly pleasant to play in the protection of the house, so we got some fresh air and vitamin D late this afternoon.

I’ve been watching as Instagram fills with Best Nine collages and Words of the Year, reading as people share their resolutions, intentions, what have you. Wondering if I will do the same, and thinking that the answer is no. That just doesn’t feel authentic for me this time around the sun. I have a few personal thoughts for my personal journal, and they’re too personal to share here, but beyond that, I think I will just keep doing the next right thing. A year is so long, and so much can change. I will just try my best to do the next right thing, whenever and whatever that may be.

Wishing you rest and courage for that which you may be facing in the days ahead, and strength to do your own next right thing.


4 thoughts on “easing into the next right thing

  1. Kirsten, i love your style of writing. It feels warm an inviting even when you discuss hard topics. I find a lot of similarities between our feelings surrounding the New Year and resolutions this time around. I have been thinking about it a lot. Worried that because I wasn’t making these grand statements of how great my year would be, maybe that meant that it wouldn’t be grand at all…does that make sense? This has been a year of transition for me. A year where i have felt myself evolving and I still feel mid-cacoon, despite the date on the calendar. So this was perfect timing for me…I don’t have to know all the answers now…I can’t simply just keep doing the next right thing. Give the girls a hug from me. ❤


  2. I hear you on the rest and recovery part. I had 2 4-day weekends but wish I took the final 3 days off to have a super-long break. Overall, I prefer to have a short list of goals rather than a word, though I coincidentally have a word in mind for this year. However, my favorite thing is to see how the year develops and what it has in store that is a complete surprise from where I stand on Jan 3. Happy New Year!


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