where are my tree people?


One of this property’s selling points was the abundance of mature fruiting trees, namely apples. Admittedly, we know next to nothing about orchards and have a lot to learn, but but we knew that the ability to grow so much food was an immediate asset. Our offer was made when the trees were bare and the ground was covered with snow, but as things have grown and bloomed and set fruit, we’ve discovered that there are several non-apple trees in the mix. The internet is a wonderful thing, but without a starting point for your search, you just wind up falling down the rabbit hole. Maybe you can help me figure out what we’re working with?


Tree #1 is in the “lower orchard,” situated among the apple trees below the house. It flowered like the rest, white blossoms with a pink tinge, though I don’t remember if they were fragrant. It developed those green berries several weeks ago, and though they’ve gotten bigger, they’ve not changed color. Cherries, perhaps? I’d think cherries would be ripe by now, but I’m admittedly still on a Southeastern Pennsylvania calendar when it comes to growing schedules (it takes an awful long time to adjust your expectations. I keep wondering where the tomatoes are!).


Tree #2 is almost directly opposite #1, along the stone wall at the top of the property. The bark is smoother and the leaves are deep green with reddish veins. The flowers were a rich pink and these berries are purplish-red with a dusty coating. I’d love if they were edible, but I’m afraid they’re ornamental. Ideas?

I’m curious – as you discover new plants and trees, how do you go about the process of learning? I love my Encyclopedia of Country Living, but dear old Carla Emery only goes so far. I don’t even know how to tell when the apples should be picked!

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