a birthday


My youngest turns three today.

I hung the glittery paper birthday banner in our front window last night, thinking about the day I bought it for her big sister’s first birthday party, and where I hung it then, and for the following family birthdays. I never intended to make it a tradition, but here it is. It hung in the summer rental for Beanie’s first birthday, and then in the second rental for her second birthday. It’s now hanging in our own home, a ready backdrop to cake and candles later tonight. My littlest love has lived in four houses in her three years; it’s so nice to celebrate in our home today.

I’ve posted twice now about our big move, though realized that I still haven’t made an announcement or explanation. Such is the tattered brain I’ve been taping together these past few weeks.

We have bought a home. A beautiful home with plenty of space for our family and for guests to stay – inside, rather than in a tent in the yard. And the yard! Almost seven acres total, with two small apple orchards and many mature trees. It’s on a dead-end dirt road, and our neighbors are proving to be just delightful. The first day of moving in (two years since the girls and I arrived in Maine, almost to the very day), they showed up with a bottle of apple cider wine from our very own trees.

And it feels like home already. Despite the rooms littered with boxes, and the big empty walls, there is none of that vague unfamiliarity that so often comes with a new space. No, this home is warm, and welcoming, and instantly comfortable for us.


I baked a cake and we opened presents after breakfast. Swee even picked out a special something for her Beanie at the swap shed this weekend, and it’s truly the perfect gift. I’m tired – goodness, I’m tired! – but it seems fitting to celebrate our little love here tonight, in our family’s very own space.

2 thoughts on “a birthday

  1. Happy birthday little girl! And congratulations to you and your family. It’s so nice to put down real roots where you know you will be staying 🙂 Jill


  2. So very happy for you and your family! Here’s to enjoying all your days with joy and peace in your new home 🙂

    A very happy birthday to your sweet little one from all of us 🙂


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