Spring has finally found us. I heard the peepers last night for the first time since last spring, and their song is filling the kitchen as I write this. The scilla bloomed, perhaps just this morning, reminding me in true Easter fashion that new life truly does come after the cold dark days.

I have not had many words for sharing lately. I’ve hardly picked up my camera except to capture my children, and those images are also not for sharing. There us so very much happening that is not quite ready for sharing. And as our efforts have been all-consuming, they’ve not left space for much living that can be shared. I’ve been squeezing snippets of our days onto Instagram, little squares of calm as a million things fight for head space, for release. Soon, I hope.

So a Happy Easter to you all, however you chose to spend your day. I hope that you are as happy and content as those dirty, stinky chickens bathing in my former tomato patch.


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