be it ever so humble


There’s no place like home.

I’m coming off of 6 days in Florida with 500 strong, successful and supportive women. We gathered together to celebrate the bonds of sisterhood, to laugh and to cry, and encourage each other in so many ways. It was wonderful to sit down with my people and pick up where we left off, enjoying the easy flow of conversation that happens with those who really know you. I was sad to leave them, though I anticipate some visitors to Maine before long. Despite the melancholy of separation, I had such a sense of relief when my plane landed and I walked into our tiny terminal. Slow and small. I breathe more easily here.

Freed from the airport, I cruised up I-95, windows open to enjoy the fact that it was 25* cooler here than in Jacksonville, and a Bald Eagle swooped out of the marsh and across my lane with a fish in its talons.


The weekend before I left, we celebrated a fourth birthday with chocolate-frosted cupcakes and kite-flying on the beach. The next day, I squelched my inclination to plan, and Daddy led us on an expedition to eat brunch and then go fishing.


I came home from my trip to J’s family visiting for a couple of days, and bringing our headcount to five adults, one teen, and six kids ranging in age from 2 to 8. These kids can pack the food away, let me tell you!

I have no way to wrap this up succinctly, which I suppose is appropriate because nothing right now can be wrapped up in a neat little package, least of all my thoughts. I’m tired, and happy, and I think that’s good enough.




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