a new day


You are all so kind. Really.

My intention was to simply acknowledge that yes, even though simple, sustainable and authentic are my heart’s goals, some days I still wish for the big house and picket fence, the brand new kitchen and the finances to splurge, should we so choose. Just to have the option, really. Some days, it takes some serious work to remember that having those things does not actually mean success. Instead, I should assess my situation in a smaller frame. Was I kind and forgiving today? Did I remember to breathe before reacting negatively? Did I choose healthy foods for my family? Was I a good steward of our resources, be they financial, environmental, or emotional? If the answer is yes, then of course. I am successful.

Thank you for showing up. I didn’t realize I needed the morale boost you so graciously and freely provided, but I am grateful! And I am glad that you’re here.

To the mamas: I wish you a beautiful day tomorrow, in whatever form it may take. May it be free from expectations, and filled with love and sloppy kisses from your littles.

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