“Mama, I need to check the fridge and see if the Easter Bunny came and hid our eggs!”

So I was awoken at six o’clock this morning, an hour when said eggs were most decidedly still in the fridge because the Bunny was snoring in bed next to me. We did a crazy dance of distractions while Daddy “took the dogs out” and then, clad in pajama pants and boots, wandered the front yard with our coffee as our little ones hunted.


Today was also Maine Maple Sunday, a new holiday for us transplants. Each year on the fourth Sunday in March, it is tradition for Maine’s maple producers to open their doors for tours, talks and tastings. There’s a whole map of places to visit, almost like a wine trail, but being that it was a holiday and our girls are still so little, we decided to stop into the closest one we could find. We were greeted with smiles and cups of vanilla ice cream topped with maple syrup. The girls swung their feet from high stools and happily munched maple-glazed donuts as they watched the steam rise off the evaporator.


We didn’t stay long, but helped support the local economy before heading home for dinner with my parents. Our little ladies went to bed exhausted and happy, and I’m looking forward to pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast.

Wishing you a wonderful start to your week!


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