I didn’t think I was feeling any of that seasonal despondency, but the past week or so of spring-like weather has me feeling so alive that I’m beginning to question that initial assessment. Or perhaps this is just the normal awakening of the season, and I’m feeling it more strongly now that I’m experiencing it daily, rather than sitting in an office, staring out at the concrete jungle of Baltimore. I get to be out in it, walking the dogs and helping the girls get dirty, and are they ever getting dirty. The mud. Oh, the mud! Mud season is here, and I’m told it’s arrived early. Mittens are getting washed daily, play clothes are the norm, and our entryway is filthy.


We took the girls for a walk in the woods yesterday. It wasn’t anything strenuous, but felt wonderful regardless. We followed a graveled trail in a neighboring town that wound through the trees. It took us through a wide field crisscrossed by ski paths now melted, and we instantly knew that we’d return with a kite. We saw a little stream, bubbling and rushing past us, and tossed rocks into big puddles just to see them splash. After running the bases on the little league field, we swung our legs from the tailgate and ate Thin Mints in the sunshine.

Tonight, we are expecting snow.

We’ll continue our slow creep toward spring, as the days keep getting longer, minute by minute. I’m certain that one day we will wake up and  be surprised by the warmth and the light.

Earth Hour 2014, and 2015 when our family was apart

I want to invite you to join us in observing Earth Hour this Saturday night. It’s a global environmental event, designed to harness the power of many to effect change. For an hour, we switch off the lights and electronics. J and I have made a tradition of playing Scrabble and drinking beer by candlelight. Let me know in the comments if you’ll be joining us!

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