fresh start


A very happy new year to you all! We are doing our very best here to ease back into a routine, a process made so much easier by the fact that I don’t actually have to leave the house for work. We made a slow start this morning, donning sweaters and fuzzy socks to enjoy our waffles and local maple syrup. It’s bright and sunny here, though the temperature is barely in the double digits with a wind chill below zero.

We have had such a calm stretch of days here, following the rhythm of our minds and bodies for our sleep, food and play. I think we all feel nicely recharged and ready to welcome a fresh start.

Our first snow is still on the ground, and we are anticipating a new layer at the end of this week. My reading list is growing (do you use Goodreads? I love being able keep track of my books and get suggestions from friends. Join me!) as is my list of projects. I’m looking forward to sharing them both with you!

Wishing you all a cozy sweater, a warm cup of tea, and an easy start to whatever you’re returning to this morning.

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