sunday snippets


– It’s HOT here. For the first time since moving, I would have turned on the air conditioning, if we had any. I really dislike having the AC on. We had central air in our home in Baltimore, which was a blessing with tiny babies to keep cool, but I’ve never liked the stale, closed-in feeling it gives the house. Today however, I would have been glad to have it. What’s amusing is that the temperature topped out at only 87*. I guess my blood really is getting thicker.

– With the heat, I’m doubly grateful for the kindness of our new neighbors. Our neighbor to the left has 6 year old twins who decided to pass their wading pool along to the girls this weekend, and then Barbara came up the driveway with a rubber ducky sprinkler, so we have spent the last three days in our own little water park in the front yard. The well water is icy, so we’ve been filling the pool in the morning and letting it warm up for afternoon splashing. It then gets emptied to water the veggies and rinsed out for the next day. We thanked Barbara with a bouquet of hydrangeas from the yard, and I think we’ll bake cookies for the boys. Once it cools off a little.

– Swee and I picked berries this morning, barefoot and in our jammies. I told her that she could be like Little Sal (a wonderful Maine story, and one that Swee is obsessed with) and eat anything she picked for her cup, which of course turned into me picking berries for her cup, and then scooping my berries out into her cup. Still, we came away with several handfuls to share with Daddy, and many more left to ripen on the bushes. And we never left the yard.

– The heat took it out of all of us this weekend. I’m looking forward to cooler temps again soon.

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