long live the long weekend

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I had forgotten how much I enjoy yoga.

A sign went up at the community center a couple weeks ago that they would be offering $10 drop-in yoga classes on Tuesday and Friday mornings this summer, which was really exciting since J has Fridays off. Somehow I didn’t make it there til this weekend, but I’m so glad I went. The poster said that class would be taught by Ruby and Ruthie. It turns out that Ruthie is a large German Shepherd in a service dog vest. She was very welcoming, and aside from a cursory sniff as I settled on my mat, she spent the majority of the class asleep in a corner.

It was an excellent practice. I was joined by two other women – one who has been summering here for 50 years and used to live in Maryland, and her niece who lives on the Jersey Shore and is six months pregnant. Probably the most intimate class I’ve taken, and it was wonderful. I’m looking forward to going back this week.

We went very small town on Saturday and walked over to the craft fair being held at the town beach. We didn’t buy much, but it was fun to look around. There was a stand with adorable little dresses, and I particularly liked one booth that made frames and candle rings out of old buttons and brooches. We did pick up some local honey and some stationery designed by an artist in the next town over, and we got each of the girls a patriotic hairbow.

After dinner, we donned our hoodies and jeans and went back to the beach for the fireworks. I was told that the community center hosts a concert every year on this weekend. There was seating inside that quickly became standing room only, and they hooked up a sound system so that all of us on the lawn could listen too. This year it was a group of musicians from the NPR show From the Top, which I wasn’t previously familiar with, but it was enjoyable.

I had explained to Swee that fireworks make a loud boom, but that they light up the sky and are really fun to watch, and that she could cover her ears if she needed to. She smiled the entire time, and with the first bang, stated, “I’m ok with the booms!” Beans seemed to enjoy them too, with wide eyes and lots of pointing, so I’m calling the entire day a success.

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