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We were beyond busy this weekend, and I realized tonight that I hardly took any pictures. Thankfully, we’ve just about finished everything we wanted to do to make this rental livable for our little family, and it should just be maintenance going forward.

– The washing machine in our kitchen was giving off a ghastly mildew odor, and when a cycle of hot bleach failed to fix the issue, we realized we’d have to go a little further. Handsome Fixer Man (HFM) completely dismantled the washing machine on Friday, and scrubbed the daylights out of it. I’m grateful that he spared me the job. It was pretty bad. And I’m even more grateful that the stench is gone and everything is fresh and clean now, inside and out.

– HFM also scraped and painted a door to fit the girls’ room, installed a mailbox, fixed a hole in the kitchen floor, and mowed and weed whacked the entire property. He also scored a wicked sunburn. I hung three loads of laundry out, and kept Sweebee and Beans safe, happy and fed.

– We haven’t had a dishwasher since we got married almost six years ago. That’s a lot of dishes done by hand, and my dishrags were showing their age – I’m too embarrassed to share a photo of their condition. I finally finished knitting my first replacement dishcloth! (I started it last spring before Beans was born, but to be fair, I packed it into a box and sent it, and the rest of my sewing and crafting supplies, to Maine with J. Because our house was sure to sell immediately, right?) The yarn specs got lost in transit, but it’s a 100% cotton from JoAnn Fabrics, knitted on size 8 bamboo needles. I followed this pattern, though you can clearly see I lost my place at some point. Thankfully, function takes precedence over form when it comes to dishcloths.

Divine. Yes, truly. Some of the best chocolate I think I’ve had. I picked this up at the grocery store today as a little mama treat, and have enjoyed every single bit so far. It won’t last long, I’m afraid.

And like that, we head into another week. What do you all have on your plates?

2 thoughts on “sunday snippets

  1. How interesting – a blog seems to be a journal entry (we called them diaries in my day) that is written specifically for the world to see – this is not really a new concept – one of the most interesting ones that I’ve ever read was called “A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains” by Isabella Bird. But they were letters. She wrote letters to her sister in 1873 of her adventures riding through the Rocky Mountains on a horse – by herself in the winter. The letters were later published in book form. Of course, come to think of it, Samuel Pepys wrote his journal in the 16 or 1700’s. Blogging, which is new to me, seems a really neat way to document one’s life experiences without having to go through a publisher. Can you save the blogs?


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